3 Ways to Personalize the Candidate Experience for Military Veterans

Posted by Tim Malloy

Content marketing plays a more prominent role in the recruitment landscape than ever before. Marketers have gotten smarter about the way they produce content, personalizing it for their target audience and even automating when and where that content is shown. Personalizing content makes for a more relatable experience for the audience, which in turn leads them to develop loyalty.

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Topics: candidate experience, Recruitment Marketing, recruit military veterans, user experience, employer brand

Optimizing Your Application Funnel for User Experience

Posted by Tim Malloy

In the ever-competitive world of recruitment, where social media recruiting has provided an easier way to engage job searchers, companies are realizing that the best way to find the talent they need is to attract more qualified candidates. Simple enough, right? But in the digital age of recruitment marketing, companies must be able to efficiently sift through the high numbers of unqualified candidates in order to find the right talent, allowing them to streamline the application process, saving time and money, and creating a more meaningful user experience.

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Topics: candidate experience, application funnel, recruiting strategy, recruitment technology, talent recruiting tips, user experience, why user experience is important

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