More Recruitment Marketing Trends for 2020

Posted by Adam Kaiser

In our first post we covered 5 recruitment marketing trends that your team should focus on in 2020. Well, we're not stopping there! Here are three additional recruitment marketing trends that can help separate you from the competition this year, while allowing you to find the best candidates.

1. Structured Interviews


The interview process isn't something that is easy for the applicant or for the employer. Identifying the best candidate for an open position is something that can be both difficult and time consuming. That is why adopting a structured interview process is the way to move forward into 2020.

This is a more formal interview process in which the questions have been formulated in advance. The questions should be the same for every candidate and they should be asked in the same order. There should also be a predetermined grading scale to help identify the strongest option.

In doing so you create a more objective process that makes it easier to compare applicants and get the strongest fit for your workplace.


2. Emphasize Soft Skills


Soft skills are often referred to as interpersonal or people-skills. In a world with a talent shortage these skills will be of utmost importance to employers. They include things such as problem solving, communication, adaptability and many more.

These individuals may not check off everything on the list as far as the job description, but in some cases tasks and skills can be taught. Strong relationship building should be what employers are looking for in employees. 

Try and identify candidates that posses these skills and scoop them up quickly.


3. It's All About Candidate Experience


The Candidate Experience in regard to the recruitment process is more important now than ever. How past, current, and future candidates view that process will either help or hurt your business. When people have a positive experience they will be more likely to accept a job offer if one is presented, and they will also be more likely to refer your company to other potential candidates.

On the other hand, when people are not happy with a company’s recruitment process they will not only be less likely to join the team, but they very well could share their experience online, thus telling the outside world that this is not a company that is worth interviewing with.

Ensure that candidates are walking away from the recruitment process with nothing but good things to say.


Looking for a New Approach to Recruitment?

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